Rollins Painting, LLC is committed to providing a safe and healthy work environment. The safety and health of our employees and those of our clients are our first considerations with each project we undertake. Emphasizing the need for continual education in the event of workplace hazards and health or environmental conditions is a top priority.

We enlist the services of outside agencies and local environmental professionals to attend our safety meetings and to offer any advice that may be necessary on improvement of current procedures. Safety meetings are mandatory and are held at a minimum of once per month, and thereafter as management deems appropriate.

Each employee is provided with premium protective equipment and training through Rollins Painting, LLC to ensure safety for all. We also provide workman’s compensation and a certificate of liability insurance will be provided upon request.

We take pride in our knowledge of safety and our record for safe workplaces. Our company is always seeking a better way to foster health, safety, and environmental prosperity.

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